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SocialBox for Your Business

Aside from its role in expanding and engaging your community, SocialBox is also equipped to gather invaluable information about your event’s guests through a number of methods.


  • Automated: Contact information is gathered when users connect to Facebook through the SocialBox interface or through text message campaigns, where event guests are invited to send text messages to an automated service in return for SocialBox photos of the event.


  • Customized surveys: Customized surveys gather a wealth of valuable information about users’ habits, demographic information, and needs. These surveys also collect users’ opinions on your brand, event, or product in the form of product or service reviews.


  • Video testimonials: By recording videos in the portable SocialBox studio, event guests are able to provide you with a precious asset: a holistic, in-person review of your product, event or service in the form of self-expression. This direct communication is invaluable for C-level executives, who are often unable to access the unprocessed views of their customers.


Not only can these videos be used in research, they can also be used on their own as powerful promotional materials. The whole-hearted voices of genuine human beings connect to the average stakeholder in a much more meaningful and relatable way than a paid celebrity endorsement would.

SocialBox entertains and invites users to interact with it, taking photos and recording videos in a sleek, transparent studio.


Event guests will be attracted by its elegant, minimalist design. Self-expression unfolds naturally in real time, as guests record whatever they like, from silly photos with props to personalized, heartfelt video messages.

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“is a great way for people to create memories for themselves and share those experiences with their social communities. Simple, easy to use, and the customization they provide gives ample opportunity for businesses to monetize through sponsorship and data collection. We used SocialBox during the NBA Playoffs and got great feedback from fans and staff alike.

Micah Hart

Director of Interactive Marketing at Atlanta Hawks


SocialBox is such a unique element to have at a party. It was the perfect fit for JEZEBEL’s Anniversary and Most Beautiful party. Guests had so much fun dressing up, taking pictures and recording videos! It’s definitely the next big thing!

Larissa Mychalczuk,

Marketing & Events Manager

JEZEBEL Magazine


a great partner to work with for Points North’s Savvy & Successful Women of the Northside event.  Our guests were engaged with SocialBox and intrigued by this new entertainment booth design.  The added values they offer (we included a survey about our monthly magazine) were very beneficial to us.  I highly recommend SocialBox for corporate events of all sizes as well as private events such as weddings and parties.

Marita Kahler
Advertising Director
Points North Magazine


On behalf of TEDxPeachtree, I wanted to simply say “thank you.”   …  It seemed to be a major hit, and I will continue to enjoy watching the videos that folks contributed during TEDxPeachtree 2012.  It really helped add a “TED-like” element to the experience.   We hope you also enjoyed being a part of TEDxPeachtree 2012 – I certainly enjoyed meeting you and having some time to chat before and during the event.

I hope you will consider sharing your product with our audience for future TEDxPeachtree events!

Al Meyers

Founder & Co- Organizer



"We recently used the SocialBox , an innovative and fun attraction, at a corporate event and loved it! What a cool new idea, which made the event unique and fun for everyone!

With the option for people to record videos, take photos and upload it instantly online made it a great marketing tool as well.

We will definitely use The SocialBox again!

Lisa Crouse

Founding Partner

Fagan & Crouse, Inc

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